Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Meeting! These are rare, short and fun! Come!


There have been a couple of crimes committed on Yale Terrace in our neighborhood, and a couple of weeks ago 2-3 people dressed in black hooded sweatshirts were observed crouched at the back door to St. Andrews Church at around midnight. The police were called, but the individuals had left by the time police arrived.

For this reason we have asked the Community Relations division of our Police Area E-13 to come to speak to us on Monday, May 16, in the basement of St. Andrews Ukranian Orthodox Church on Orchard Hill Rd. at 630 pm. If we come out in good numbers, the police are more likely to pay more attention to our neighborhood. As many of us know, a few years ago there was a string of break-ins in the neighborhood.

Second, Liz O'Connor, co-chair of our neighborhood organization, is our representative to the Casey Overpass Working Group. As you know, the Casey Overpass is slated to be replaced within the next few years and this will obviously have a great impact on our neighborhood. Liz will be there to give us an update.

Third, especially for those of us on Orchard Hill Rd., there has been an issue with the locking of the gate into the cemetery on many weekdays. We could discuss this issue, and I will try to get the President of Forest Hills Cemetery to attend.

Feel free to bring any other issues to the meeting.

IF YOU WOULD NO LONGER LIKE TO BE ON THE WRCNA MAILING LIST, PLEASE EMAIL LIZ O'CONNOR AT Also feel free to give her the email addresses of anyone who you think is not on the mailing list and might want to be.

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