Thursday, July 5, 2007

Break-Ins on Orchard Hill

Hi all,

Please be extra careful and also watchful as Orchard Hill Street has been experiencing numerous house-breaks.

Three weeks ago, a purse was stolen out of a house, and last night (July 4) there were somewhere between 5 and 8 attempted break-ins on Orchard Hill (two successful). A police dog tracked a suspect into the cemetery, and an emptied purse was found in the Morton Street Woods.

Help the Hyde Square Task Force

Hi all,
Paul Trunnell of the Hyde Square Task Force sent this email asking for help - please read down and see how easily you can provide support for the development of new opportunities for JP youth. For more information, or if you know of a good distribution list to use to spread the word, contact
Happy Clicking,

You'll remember that a few months ago the Hyde Square Task Force
entered a competition through an organization called RE-ZOOM, where we needed to click every day on their website in hopes of winning a $5,000 regional prize... well, WE WON! Thanks to your clicking, and those of our colleagues and supporters, friends and family.

Starting MONDAY, JULY 9, we have a chance to win an additional $100,000 through a national "clicking" contest. We are competing against 20 other non-profits nationwide - but I think our tech savvy and broad base of supporters gives us a distinct advantage over many of our competitors.

See for more details.

$100,000... is pretty close to what it's costing us to move into the Cheverus School, which as you know will give us added capacity to expand and improve our programs. Key features of the new space include a soon-to be renovated Dance Studio (think of how good Ritmo can get when they can actually practice in front of real mirrors!), an expanded computer lab , a youth space for YCO's, H-CAP and all our youth teams, and 1000 square feet of music studio space through a new collaboration with the Music and Youth Initiative and Berklee College of Music, beginning this fall. Altogether, we can expect to serve at least 100 additional youth through our new and expanded programs in the coming year!

What you can do:

CLICK! Sign up at and click once a day, starting Monday, July 9 until Friday, August 10.

TELL YOUR FRIENDS! To be competitive, we are going to need over 15,000 clicks - that's at least 500 clicks a day! Tell your friends and family now so they are ready to click for us every day until the end of the contest.

ASK YOUR COLLEAGUES! We work with dozens of community professionals every day - please let them know they can help us raise $100,000 through their clicks.

This is also a great time to get the word out to everyone we are connected with about what amazing things we are doing, and to emphasize the importance of our move to the Cheverus as a stepping stone in our growth and expansion, which will lead us in a few fast-moving years to the proposed Youth & Family Center. A national contest will bring us national exposure: the more competitive we are, the more we will be able to share our story with potential supporters across the country.

I am attaching two documents - a press release that we will be circulating to local media sources, and a statement of need that will be posted on re-zoom's national website about what impact the $100,000 would have on our organization.

PLEASE TAKE TWO MINUTES AND FORWARD THIS EMAIL TO AT LEAST FIVE FRIENDS AND COLLEAGUES. We need to get the word out now, to maximize the number of clicks we receive every day between July 9 and August 10. Together we can promote our work and earn the Hyde Square Task Force $100,000 to support our youth and community development programs.